Friday, December 7, 2007


Hi everyone! Welcome to our blog! I’ve never been one for blogs but this is such a fun way to keep people updated on what’s going on with the DeHaas family I couldn’t resist. I can tell that this is going to be quite time consuming for me seeing as it took me about two hours to format the header the way I wanted it…..unfortunately that is not an exaggeration. Anyway, I guess I’ll tell you a little bit about Landon and I. We got married April 7, 2006 in the Salt Lake Temple. Married life has been great so far! We keep very busy working on our house, occupying our dog and getting things ready for the baby! I’m due February 23rd so only a few more months to go! Landon’s going back to school in the summer to go into graphic design so we are excited about that. Quite a lot of things going on! Well that’s about it. Hope you enjoy!


Hillary said...

Love the site!! You did a great job for a first timer. I'm a lot the same, I do something and then change it a week later, so expect many changes on ours as well. Looks great though. Can't wait for that baby boy either!!

The Wags said...

Yeah! I'm glad you finally got a blog. Now you can post pics and keep us updated...since we dont get together every weekend like we used to :o) I too am excited for little Lincoln and can't wait to see him! Cute blog!

Carillisa said...

I need to know how you did the heading! I have been trying to figure it out for awhile, but I am too computer illiterate to be very successful about it. Drop me a line if you get a chance...and I am sorry I missed getting you a baby gift for the second time! I really will get it to you. Hope all is well.