Friday, September 12, 2008

a few things

My camera came! I am so excited to get started! I've decided to do a practice blog so I can see my progress and so that my family blog isn't horded with tons of pictures. Now please keep in mind that I'm just starting out and I dont have photoshop yet. :) check it out and give me some feedback!
In other news, Link turned six months! When I took him in for his six month appointmen he had grown 75% and was in the 90th percentile for highth. He's getting so big, I love it. This is such a fun stage!

My sister Nikki is in the marching band and they did a run through last night for the families. They are so good! It was a fun night with the fam. :)

So yesterday, as all of you know, was September 11th. I think almost everyone remembers where they were when they heard about the world trade centers being hit. I was just leaving my house to go to the high school to meet Aubrey to head up to Clear Creek when my dad pulled up and told me. Aubrey and I went up to Clear Creek and had to tell everyone there what had happened. It was a great experience to see everyone come together and talk about what a great country we live in and pray for the ones that had been effected by the terrorist attacks. This day always makes me sad but at the same time so greatful to live in this country and be an American!