Wednesday, May 21, 2008

There's a new sheriff in town

Gunner has chewed up 3 remotes! Those things aren't cheap either, $35 a pop! To resolve this issue we've hired a sheriff. Let me know if you can't hear the audio, I couldn't hear it when I tried to play it.


I’ve been tagged! This is my first time so I am proud to enter the tagging club. Here are 7 things about me.

-I am a grandma…well I have grandma tendencies. I love taking naps and going to bed early. (My favorite place to take a nap is on my grandma’s couch…very comfy.) One of my favorite shows is Golden Girls. I enjoy listening to the soft sounds of FM100 and occasionally relax with Delilah on Cozy. BINGO just happens to be one of my favorite games. Granny for life!

-I am a lover of Mexican food. It is my absolute favorite. If I could I would have a fiesta everyday! Bring on the chips and salsa baby! Here are some of my favorite places to eat in no particular order. They are all muy bueno!!

  • Los Hermonos
  • Chili’s
  • Bajio
  • CafĂ© Rio
  • La Casita

-I LOVE being outdoors. Camping, four wheeling, boating, hiking, picnics, I love it all! I have always loved living in Utah and being so close to the mountains. One of my favorite things to do in the summer is take my rubber raft with my man-made anchor up to silver lake to read a book and lay out. It’s the best! I’ve definitely had some good times being out in the wild, I’ve even encountered a naked mountain man…YIKES!!

-So this next one isn’t one that I do a lot. I would do it a lot more if I had more time. I like making blankets. My favorite blanket that I’ve made is one I made out of T-shirts. Some of my shirts are from my high school days, some are from friends and family and some are from different places I’ve been to like Hawaii and Heritage Tours. I have a tendency to hold onto things and I knew I couldn’t hold on to all of these shirts that unfortunately don’t fit me anymore so I thought it would be a cool idea to put them all in a blanket. I’ve decided that I’m going to make a blanket for each of my kids with their shirts and make a row each year and give it to them as a graduation present.

-Now this is a weird one…I might regret posting this later but it’s the truth. I love kissing Lincoln’s little feet! Some of you might know that I used have a huge foot phobia I didn’t even like to look at feet let alone touch them. Now I’m playing patty cake with them, putting them on my face to play peek-a-boo and giving them kisses. Crazy what motherhood will do to you.

-Watch out Ansel Adams here I come! This one will come at no surprise to most of you seeing as the majority of my blog is pictures. I love to take pictures! I’ve have been called being picture happy many times, probably too many. My dream job is to be a photographer. One day when I can afford a better camera and some photography classes I will be one. :)

-This one is a combination of different things that I hold dear to my heart, family, friends and food. I am a huge fan of hanging out and eating with a bunch of people you love. Landon and I were talking about what the perfect day would be and we decided that we would start out the day with going boating with our favorite people then we would pack a lunch and go up the canyon in our hella nice jeep where we would have four wheelers for everyone, after four wheeling for a few hours we would drive home to our huge house and have a nice big BBQ then we would play games for a bit (if we had any energy) then watch a movie under the stars on our projector. Fun huh? Well we’ll let you all know when that party goes down...unless you are not on the favorite people list, then you are not invited, ha ha just kidding.

Ok so now I am going to pass the tagging torch onto Carly, Rachel, and Betsy. Have fun!

Friday, May 16, 2008

3 Months!

So I can't believeLincoln is three months old! The time has flown by...I think I say that every post but it really has! :) I didn't realize how big Link has gotten until we went to see Tyler and Kilee's new baby. It was crazy! It seems like he is changing every day. He is "talking" and being a lot more active, it's so fun! I'm pretty sure being a mother is the greatest thing in the world!

This morning

Two months old

One month old

One day old

Sunday, May 4, 2008

More pictures

Hey all. Hooray it feels like spring is finally here! I hope everyone is out enjoying it. Well you know there is nothing new to report at our house seeing as I've resorted to commenting on the weather. :) Anywho here are some new pictures.

Congratulations Wagners!

Welcome baby Beckem! Tyler and Kilee Wagner had their cute baby boy last week. We are glad he is finally here! I only got one picture because of course my camera died. He is adorable. Congrats guys!!

One year old!

Once again I wanted to post this last week but didn't have time. Our awesome dog turned a year old on April 27th. Gunner-man has been a great addition to our family. A few weeks after we got Gunner I found out I was pregnant so with the exception of cleaning dog poop during my first trimester (barf!) he came at the perfect time. He definately helped Landon and I prepare for parenthood! He was a lot of work as a puppy. Gunner is a great dog and we couldn't picture life without him. Here are some pictures of my little pumpkin head.